Monday, January 25, 2010

Still breathing.

Anyone still with me here? Getting behind in your blog is kind of like getting behind in housework. The longer you let it go the more overwhelming it is to think about catching up. Thus, the more natural it is to continue letting it go. If I were to blog about everything that has happened the past few months I'd have to commit to sitting at the computer for a mere 48 hours. So, in an effort to "catch up" without losing too much precious time I'll try to summarize as best I can the "goings on" in the Kroeker home!

Wow, are we really still here in the U.S. without making plans to return to Brasil? Very strange. We are so thankful to see how the Lord has worked but it is a very weird feeling to be where we are and doing what we're doing.

What are we doing anyway?

1.) Since we don't have full-time jobs (yet) we are running around the country to Chick-fil-A openings in order to receive free Chick-fil-A for a year. Actually, we're not running ALL over the country...just GA and Franklin, TN.

The first opening was supposed to take place in Franklin, TN. Kimmy came up for the event so that we could go do a fun sister thing, yet the day before the opening we discovered it had been changed to the following week!

No problem, there was an opening in Valdosta, GA opening the same day that the store in Franklin was supposed to open! This meant leaving around 10pm at night and driving 6 hours to make sure we were in Valdosta and at the store by 6am.

Just Kimmy, Karli and I were along for the ride. Ask Kimmy if you really want to know why she has a real turkey foot (affectionately named Karli) hanging in her review mirror. I have to keep my mouth shut on this one because I have been threatened that other stories of me doing strange things at her age will arise if I make too much of a fuss about Karli (creepy Karli, that is.) 

Desires to travel long distances, camp out in freezing weather for 24 hours seems to run in the Wesolowski blood. Dad and Matt met us there.

I don't care to be cold. Setting up camp at 6am in 20 degree weather is not my idea of fun. But what can I say, my desire for free Chick-fil-A overcame my desire for physical comfort. And I hung in there. Barely. for 24 hours.

There was always a smile to be had during mealtime.

Sitting INSIDE the new store for supper was a great reason to smile! I purposefully held my hand out to the right in order to get the man's face in it who is seated behind Kimmy and Matt. There are a lot of interesting people in this world. It later occurred to me that I am probably one of them to most people. This man was one of them to me.


One of the cool things about going to a Chick-fil-a opening and being a girl is that it is mostly guys who are crazy enough to do that sort of a thing! That meant that the women's bathroom was almost always available while the men's constantly had a line. It was also nice to go hide in the warmth of the restroom every once in a while to regain some feeling in my toes.

4am finally arrived. We took down camp, stood in line outside  long enough to lose all feeling in every part of our bodies to finally go through the line and receive our 52 #1 value meal coupons.


So, after coming back home and having a few days to spend with my awesome sister Kimmy....the memories of freezing in a tent for 24 hours began to wear off and the realization that I can go to Chick-fil-a and get free food 52 times sunk in. "hey babe," I said, "since you aren't working full-time yet why don't we all go to the opening in Franklin next week." That was the first time I mentioned it. I mentioned it a "few more times" and to my surprise, he agreed!

At least this time we wouldn't have to drive through the night. We would only have to wake up and leave by 3am.

It rained too hard, almost the entire time to take more pictures than this one.

Don't let the appearance of a peaceful setting fool you. Because we had to set up in the rain everything got wet which made the mildly cold weather feel a bit colder*. 

And though it was a special time with my hubby (thankfully we left the munchkin last minute with her grandparents) we definitely put in a bit of sufferage for our coupons. And since there were more than 100 people at 6am the previous morning they had to raffle off for the first 100 contestants and only Jonathan's number was drawn. They still fed me and I got to stay in the parking lot for the night (wahoo) but in the end we only walked away with 52 more value meal coupons, instead of 104 like we were hoping. *whine*

Ok, onto non-Chick-fil-a happenings!

Oops...back up a bit. Fun times with cousins!


Cousins are so fun.

We replaced the back dining room door. One of the projects "we" (meaning Jonathan :-) got to do to trade out for rent. We are so thankful to have great friends (thank you, Jeremy) who know how to do this sort of a thing and who gave of their (your time, Jeremy) !!

And finally, some big news......

Drum roll.....

No I'm not pregnant......

scroll down........

some more.......

and some more.......

I think you'll probably be able to see the end without scrolling down anyway.....

oh well......

We're buying a house!


Being jobless and a bit unsure about the future, we were not looking for a house. What can I say, it was a God-thing. He plopped this house in our laps and we are so very excited. It is very close to Jonathan's parent's house and has so many features that we've always said we would want in a house! It is a foreclosure that has been empty for a year and as the bank was ready to write it off we are getting it for 50k less than the appraised value. Everyone we talk to (lender, insurance companies, etc, are shocked at the deal we got). God is so good! We pray that He will use this house for His glory.

We won't be able to move in right away as it needs some work but hopefully we will close on February 10th and be in it by April.

And since this issue came up it looks like Jonathan, at least, has a job! Details to be announced in a future post.

So thanks for all of you hanging in there with me!