Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just us girlies (with puppies and pigs and a bird)

I never thought I would, but I've been wearing a green hair piece. It's kinda shiny, too but I don't plan on wearing it past Friday! Besides the fact that it's green I don't think this is the kind of hair piece many of you would be willing to wear (and I can hear a hearty amen from my sister, Stacey...especially after she takes a look at the picture below!)

Meet the "Little Guy"...

He (probably a she) is still a baby that I'm caring for as one of my friends is traveling. What is SO fun about Little Guy is that He (probably a she) doesn't have clipped wings so he (she) can fly around in the trees and then come home for some tlc. And he (she) always comes home! That is what I was trying to tell myself when LG spent the night out and did NOT return to me (yesterday was my first day watching him...her) After I tried not to panic that my dear friend would come home to no bird I left for class a little bit early this morning, dedicated to finding him (her...I had already been out early this morning searching all of the nearby trees.) When I walked out our door I heard the oh-so-familiar squawk and when I called him he came right to me! So now LG will not be roaming free past 4pm while the other parrots are out and about until his mommy comes home on Friday. For the time being we're enjoying having him around!

Litte Guy is so tame...he (she) loves to roll on his (her) back so that you can scratch his (her) belly!

She (finally! is what I'm sure half of you are thinking) will do just about anything to get your attention when she is wanting it. Karis isn't too thrilled that she likes crackers so much. As soon as she spots one in Karis' hand she is gone and either on Karis' head trying to climb down or trying desperately to land on the now frantic child. Oh, it is pretty funny. Now when Karis hears her wings starting to flap she just closes her eyes and braces herself, imagining that she may be Little Guy's target.

Onto a few more house decoration projects I completed this week...

Just when you thought there wasn't one more thing I could glue napkins onto in my house! Tada!

And just in case you think that I may be like any other normal human being and should begin to feel embarrassed about how much I blog about my decoupage addiction...well, I have another big picture in the works. It was going to be for Karis' room but it started to look too grown up so now I'm making it for our room (to put on that big empty wall to the side of our bed.) You'll just have to anxiously wait 'til I finish to see a picture of that one.

However another small project I made for our room is this...

Now, I haven't really been to any craft stores in the States since I began my decoupage addiction but here almost every craft store has decoupage supplies. They have tons and tons of stuff made out of this cheap-pressed-wood-stuff that you can buy and then decorate with napkins, etc. That is what the key holder you saw above was made out of and it is what these little shadow boxes are made out of. Everything is really cheap so it's dangerous for a poor decorator like me to get too addicted (ok I'm not poor but I can't put lots of money into decorating.) Those shadow boxes in the above picture total cost around $3 each. Many would say my mom and I are very different but there is one gene she passed onto me that nobody can deny...I get a thrill when it comes to getting a good deal. A THRILL, I tell you. And that is one of the hardest things about living away from the land of garage sales (I'm so not kidding!)

Ok, onto even cuter things (in my opinion, at least). Does anybody enjoy that game "Pass the Pigs?" If so, there is a 3-year old here who could keep you happy for hours on end. Really, she loves this game. And poor mama can't take more than one game at a sitting. It's so interesting to me how much she can enjoy it and still not care who wins or loses. Perhaps it'll take a little more time for her to truly inherit her mom and dad's competitive spirit (she only has a 1 in a trillion chance of NOT inheriting it.)

So here she is with the piggies...

And here she is making a silly face with the piggies...

Since my last post we received the news that the guys were coming out of the village a week early because they ran out of supplies. They did manage to get a lot done on the houses, which is great! However the hope that it also meant they could come home early was officially dashed on Monday. The airline wants to charge an enormous amount (almost the same price as the tickets themselves) for them to change the dates. So my husband and Karis' husband get to spend a week hanging out 'til they can return. I really wanted my hubby back! Karis' hubby is actually pretty sick so maybe it was better for him that way. He may have malaria...or dengue...or typhoid. Hopefully we'll know more tonight. Their tickets are to return the 10th, so in the meantime I'll play Pass the Pigs and glue napkins onto everything in sight!